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2010-03-21 11:49:06 by TheSkittles197-NG

I have now added a banner thing onto my profile. Not a great one, I might redo it sometime.


2010-03-21 05:26:55 by TheSkittles197-NG

I have now uploaded my first flash commision, a short test I made a while ago. Nothing big.


2010-03-20 17:28:52 by TheSkittles197-NG

I have uploaded 2 pictures i drew of my friends Todd and Riley. I about 3 weeks (I hope) I will have finished the Theme Tune for Todds YouTube video (Todd Show) and the music video. I called this song "Let The Credits Roll". I am going to record this with 2 other members of my band; Unclassified. Tom W on Electric Guitar, Matt C on Drums and me on Bass.